About Trash Pandas

Southern California Junk Removal/ Valet Trash Pickup Services


We are a group of like-minded friends that came together to provide a valet service that creates an impact by helping solve one of the greatest problems: sustainability. Trash and recycling infrastructure in the United States is greatly underfunded, and ineffective. We saw this as an opportunity to focus on reducing the carbon footprint through proper waste & recycle collection. We service multi-family communities on a nightly basis, and through our service we aim to raise awareness and participation of recycling from our clients. We believe that if we made it easier for everyone to recycle from the comfort of their own home, we can take the first step towards a sustainable future together.


We utilize our strong backgrounds in business, sustainability, and customer service to build an efficient service that benefits all parties involved. Our service will always bring quality, transparency, and simplicity. Using a data-driven approach we can achieve a highly convenient, and effective experience for our clients. We utilize practices such as recycling collection reports and live GPS tracking from our valets to help us keep evolving into the amenity that won't be beat. Improving daily life for residents, management, as well as the environment is only achieved when we perform at our best, and we don’t intend to settle for anything less.


Not only do our collection services provide benefit to each individual client on a daily basis, but also the community they live in as a whole. Having dedicated specialists for waste management removes the need for the community to manage it by committee, and allows peace of mind knowing the job will have a concentrated focus. In line with our mission to create a cleaner tomorrow, we donate a portion of our revenue monthly to different environmental agencies that also resonate with our cause, featured in our blog.

Our Promise

We are driven by providing excellent service that is second to none, but want to ensure we are using our platform to create change that we wish to see. Our service is designed to improve waste processing at a direct level, but our goals and virtues extend to contributing to sustainability beyond our doorstep.

Trash Pandas provides Garbage & Trash Pickup Services to clients across Southern California, Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas.

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