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Door to Door Valet Terash Pickup Services

An Amenity Unlike The Rest

It’s no shock trash valet is the fastest growing amenity across the country – it provides multiple levels of value with minimal cost. As one of the only amenities that generates revenue, valet waste adds a new dimension of efficiency to multifamily communities that every management team can take advantage of. Given the amazing return it provides management (time, money, autonomy), and knowing that it is equally beneficial and sought after by residents truly makes it a no-brainer.

Speak to a representative about our phase-in implementation discount, where we discount rates on your property for the entire first year of a contract with us, making it easier to implement pricing into your community.

What Matters To Us

Door to Door Valet Terash Pickup Services

We value every partnership we have, and as an organization Trash Pandas believes in building and growing with the communities that we serve. Our commitment to always improve our process is led by collaboration and transparency. We achieve this through:

  • Photos of every door we service each night, uploaded to our internal database.  
  •  Daily reporting and a simplistic dashboard for direct communication with our team.
  • Application based GPS tracking so you know when we arrive, where we are, and when we finish.
  • Community based recycling reports and initiatives to increase recycling awareness/engagement.

Every community is unique, and we want to help craft the best solution for each. Providing visibility into how we service each door, combined with utilizing community feedback, gives us the ability to keep providing the best possible service we can.

Why Trash Valet?

“The EPA estimates about 75% of American waste is recyclable, yet only 30% of it is recycled…Although California remains above (currently 44%) the 34% national average, it finished well below its 2020 goal of 75%”

“9 out of 10 people would recycle if it was made easier for them… Recycling 2 aluminum cans saves the same amount of energy it takes to power a work pc for a full workday.”

Rick Pippin - Camden Properties

“Our ability to charge residents for valet trash pick-up is a good revenue stream for us…some residents, such as Millenials, say they don’t want it or need it, but we find that they have more trash than most.”

National Apartment Association

“The average property value can increase from $750,000 to $1,250,000..the service eliminates the 12 hours per week that the maintenance team spends…”

A Holistic Solution for Waste Management

Providing strong value in multiple areas is what makes us who we are. We focus on three big factors of community waste – residents, management, and environment.

Through our services, we strive to deliver

  • Peace of mind for residential clients
  • An amenity offering that separates management teams from competition
  • A process that the environment will benefit from

We believe providing the best experience at all levels is required to be the best in class service, and we wouldn’t be a waste management solution if we didn’t.

A Holistic Solution for Waste Management

Residents and management that currently have a contract with us receive discounts on junk removal services. Residential junk can be troublesome to get rid of, and we want to thank you for being part of our family by extending our services at a lesser price not available to the rest of the market.

We help with apartment clean outs, larger items that appear near your community dumpster, or other junk that needs to be taken care of, priced individually or in bulk loads.

Benefits You Can See


  • Increased availability for your on-site staff
  • Normalizing waste flow through your community
  • Cleaner community
  • Happier residents and staff


  • Increased budget for community projects
  • An amenity offering over competition
  • Improving waste management on a bigger scale
  • Adding autonomy to your waste practices

Working With Us

  • Community growth over time
  • A team that is always growing and improving service quality
  • Regular reports of daily activity
  • Helping contribute to the picture of a cleaner tomorrow

Streamlined For Success

We are a lean, mean, waste efficiency machine. We want to ensure you and your residents receive the best quality service, so we made it a point to create an easy way to work with us.

Real Time Service Updates

With “Always on” geo-targeting and real time updates through QR code scanning, we can maintain the highest level of quality in our work.

Easy to Manage

A simplified dashboard provides direct communication with our team. Get daily KPIs that let you know we are effectively servicing your community.

Community Insights

We utilize our data to improve our process. Collected data can be used to track compliance for recycling mandates or improve efficiency of our service valets.