Weekly Garbage Collection For Your Home!

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Residential Trash Valet Services

Looking for garbage collection services for your home, vacation home, or rental home? Trash Pandas offers collection services so you will never have to manage taking out and bringing back in your binds. Whether you are on Airbnb host, property management team, an HOA with rental properties, or just simply tired of taking the trash out from your backyard every week, we ensure the best and most reliable service in the market. Gain the flexbility of not needing to fit your schedule around city garbage collection and gain the peace of mind you always wanted.


Our service valets will always provide the most prompt, reliable, and professional service. With our take out service, bins are taken out for collection, to be brought back in by residents once completed. With our complete service, our team will handle both taking them out and returning them to your residence.

Some Details About Our Service

Easy Sign Up, Easy Cancel

We are a quick sign up away. No contracts, no extra fees, cancel any time.


Prompt service with professional valets.


Real time service updates to work easier into your schedule.

We are committed to providing the best in-class serivce that our clients can trust and feel comfortable with. Our ulimate goal is always to make your life easier, and we focus on keeping that a core fundamental of our service. As our business grows, our ideals will stay the same and allow us to provide better, more efficient service.

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